Vibrant Contemporary Studio Pet Portraiture Of Your Furry Best Friend

Some people may never understand the bond between animal and human, but if you're reading this, you're likely not one of those people!  For us, they are much more than a pet, they're our companion, our children and of course, our best friend.  And while they may not be able to stay with us for as long as we'd like, they manage to leave their furry little paw prints all over our hearts forever.

My name is Leigh Horwood and I know that bond well.  As a pet photographer and animal lover, my passion is helping my clients create beautiful artwork of their furry faced best friend that captures their spirit and preserves those memories for all time.


Located in Brisbane Queensland, I would love the opportunity to discuss and design a portrait session tailored specifically to your pet and have them visit me in my dedicated pet photography studio.  I'll bring the treats!

A selection of past visitors to Leigh Horwood Pet Photographer

What to expect before, during and after your pet portrait session

Information about our session options and product range


It's the reason you're here!  Here you will find a 'Hall of Fame' gallery in addition to a small selection of recent visitors to the studio.  Simply select the desired photo to view its gallery.


So How Does This All Work?

You've decided you want to make your furry friend Australia's next pup (or cat) model but you're not sure how this whole process works?  Not to worry, it's very simple!

Cute yawning puppy on vibrant blue studio pet photography backgroun

The first step is to get in touch!  We'd love to hear from you and learn more about you and your pet and what your hopes are for your pet portrait session.

Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and myself or Toki will send you through an information pack as soon as possible (give him a break, he doesn’t have thumbs) and answer any questions you may have about what to expect before, during and after your session.

Once you've decided you can't live without some beautiful photos of your beloved pet, it’s time to secure your session!


Now for the fun part, it's time for your pet's glamour shots!  Our mission is to provide a fun and relaxed environment for both you and your pet to allow their personality to shine through in their photographs.  The biggest compliment I can ever receive from a pet parent is that I’ve been able to capture their pet's spirit in an image that they can treasure forever. 


My studio portrait sessions take place in my dedicated pet photography studio on Brisbane’s south side but I understand that some pets such as cats, birds and anxious dogs may find travel difficult.  I believe that beautiful photographs should be available to all pets which is why I also offer a home visit studio pet portrait session option where I bring the studio to you!

Profile phoof pretty Brisbane husky with blue eyes
orange smiling doggo on vibrant orange studio pet portrait background

It’s now time to see your photos and order your beautiful artwork!  Two weeks following your pet’s photo session will be your photo reveal which can take place at our studio, in your own home or at a location of your choosing (coffee coffee coffee).  


At your reveal you will be presented with 25 to 30 beautiful images to decide which will wind up gracing the walls of your home or office!  With products ranging from small desk top photo blocks right up to extra large statement piece wall art, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece to preserve those precious memories for years to come and the best part?  It will be delivered straight to your front door!


Sounds great! What happens next?

Choose your session style

Our most popular session style is our studio pet portrait session at our dedicated pet photography studio on Brisbane's south-side however, we understand that some pets such as cats, birds, and anxious dogs, may find travel difficult, so we also offer a home visit option where the studio comes to you!

Brisbane Pet Photographer



  • A one-hour studio pet portrait session for one or two pets from the same household

  • Includes five watermarked social media sized digital images to share online

  • Includes a 5x7 matted fine art print of your choice

  • Includes a $100 credit towards any wall art 

Brisbane Pet Photography - Ginger orange cat from on vibrant blue Brisbane on vibrant blue studio pet portrait background



  • An extended pet portrait session in your own home for one or two pets from the same household

  • Includes five watermarked social media sized digital images to share online

  • Includes a 5x7 matted fine art print of your choice

  • Includes a $100 credit towards any wall art

Wall art & products 

Sharing photos online via social media is great, but nothing can compare to a beautiful boxed canvas or framed print of your pet displayed pride of place in your home or office to admire for years to come.

Using only the highest quality fine art products and archival grade inks, you can be sure that your photos will last a lifetime and ensure those precious memories are never forgotten.

With wall art options starting at $175 right up to an extra-large floating acrylic statement piece, we have the perfect option to suit your budget, tastes and home decor.

Pet photography artwor and products
Leigh Horwood Pet Photographer



Hi there!  My name is Leigh and I’m your friendly neighbourhood studio pet portrait photographer from Brisbane, Queensland.  They say never work with children or animals, however I can only assume whoever penned that statement has never been on the receiving end of a high five from an Alaskan Malamute or kisses from a miniature dachshund.  The jury is still out on children however.


After working in the event photography space for some time and more often than not arriving home very late at night or early the next morning, I decided to turn my attention to my two passions, red wine and pizza.  Quickly realising such pursuits were best observed in moderation, I then turned my attention to my other two passions, photography and dog petting (see also, cats, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, snakes from a safe distance etc… let’s just say I’m ambiPETtrous).


In those fleeting moments when I’ve got neither a camera or a leash in my hands, you can usually find me attempting to choose a movie from the piles I’ve purchased at a rate faster than can be viewed, playing guitar of either the real or air variety, planning all the things I will buy when I finally win the lottery this Saturday night (it’s my time) or going for an air gasping hike in a national park as to remind me that I need to make healthier choices.  Also, red wine and pizza... everyone needs a hobby...

Meet The Team

Studio Manager


Hey there humans, it is I, Toki, and I’m the studio manager, product tester and resident model here at 'Leigh Horwood Pet Photographer'.  Personally I think it should really be called 'Toki Horwood Photographed Pet’ but apparently that’s “selfish” and “silly” but let’s be real here, what do you expect of a six year old?


I first came to LHPP as a 3 year old having lived a rough life of chasing cats and rounding up small children and patio furniture, but now I basically run this whole operation!  In fact, I’ll be your first point of contact when you message us!  Come to think of it, what does Leigh actually do?  Hand out treats and push a button on his snappy flashy box?  Somehow that merits his name on the sign?  Wow, and he calls me selfish…


When I’m not working my furry butt off at the studio you can usually find me looking forward to a walk, enjoying a walk or looking forward to the next walk.  I also enjoy playing with obnoxious squeaky toys at bed time, staring at people while they’re eating until they feel uncomfortable enough to give me some and rounding up children and patio furniture.   Yes ok, I still do that... everyone needs a hobby….

Toki Horwood Photographed Pet

Welcome to the first step to beautiful portraits of your pet!​

If you have any questions or are looking for more information, send us a quick message with some details about you and your pet and Toki or I will get back to you with more information as soon as we can!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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