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While most dogs are still tucked up in bed Monday morning, Ajax is already hard at work. Yes, that’s right, dogs are able to have jobs other than guiding humans or chasing sheep. Wow… how dare you!

“Ok then” you say, “what type of job does a dog like Ajax have?”. I’m glad you asked! Ajax is the 'Director of Tennis Ball Drool Absorption and Durability’ at Slazenger​.

Every day he will work his way through 100’s of tennis balls ensuring every single one lives up to the 3 laws of Labrador quality.

1. Balls must be round (giggle). 2. Balls must be grey (ok so it’s really green, don’t tell him that) 3. Balls must last a minimum of 20 minutes of chewing.

So far, he hasn’t approved a single tennis ball for market but there’s always tomorrow.



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