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Please welcome to the stage the one and only Miss Maple Maise May!  Referred to as simply ‘Maple’ by her friends (if you’re wondering if that’s you, it’s probably not), she is well on her way to take her place amongst other famous single name animal alumni such as Snoop, Flea and Seal.

Maple was born with a serious condition known as Heterochromia.  Sometimes referred to as Bowie-Berculosis, Heterochromia is a debilitating illness that in 100% of cases will cause severe weakness in the knees, an ouchy in the heart followed by an uncontrollable urge to repeatedly exclaim the word ‘Awwww’ until blue in the face.  Luckily for Maple, this simply means she has one blue eye and one brown eye but for us fur impaired two legged variety, this ailment can be crippling.

As you can see, Maple LOOOOOOOVES being photographed as evidenced by her resting ‘sick of your s**t’ face.  While she

knows that dealing with the Pupperazi is all part of being an in demand socialite starlet, she’d much rather be hanging out at home helping her baby sister Poppy (COMING SOON!) dig holes in the backyard.  But like a true professional, she agreed to our photoshoot under one condition, that she be paid handsomely in sausages. Wait…….. a sausage eating sausages…….. is this considered cannibalism?

Model: Miss ‘Maple’ Maise May


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