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Say hello to Mr. Furry Casanova himself, my pal, Hugo. Hugo is the ultimate ladies man. If you have a deep voice and facial hair you need not apply as Hugo is only interested in smooching with the ladies, especially at the beach.

Hugo is also very selective with the canine company he keeps. If you’re a single Labrador or Dalmatian looking for love, I’m afraid you’re out of luck as Hugo only has eyes for Cavoodles and other small fluffy dogs. Don’t be a hater, he just a man who knows what he likes.

Speaking of things he likes, Hugo likes breakfast….. a lot. In fact, upon waking each day, his first order of business is to acquire culinary delights courtesy of his lovely next door neighbour. Once his hunger has been sated, he makes his way back home for…. You guessed it, breakfast number two. Now I can’t say for sure, but I’m going to assume Hugo’s next door neighbour is yet another lady who has fallen victim to Hugo’s furry charms and craves his affection. Because everyone knows the way to a doggo’s heart, is through his food bowl.

Cavoodle portrait photo on blue background


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