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Please welcome the often bubbly but always cuddly, whose self-assured but never smugly, whose spirit human is Paul Rudd(ly), the one and only, Studly Dudley!

You may not have heard of Dudley just yet (Dud’s to his friends, he told me to call him Dudley…) but you will soon. He’s not even 6 months old yet he already has a sponsorship deal with Chobani Yogurt. Apparently he’s responsible for 35% of all the yogurt consumption in the southern hemisphere. In fact, he’s so important to Chobani’s bottom line that they plan to widen the size of their yogurt tubs each month to ensure Dudley’s head will always fit and he’s able to reach the bottom.

When Dudley came in for his session I also noticed that he had his own Dudley sized tennis balls.

Now his parents never mentioned it, perhaps they have been sworn into secrecy until the announcement is made, but I’m thinking he’s also got a development deal with Slazenger in the works for his own line of miniature tennis balls. Expect to see them being used at Wimbledon next year. The kids doing big things I tells ya!!

When Dudley isn’t busy taking the world by storm he likes to kick back with his rubber chicken toy and munch on some chicken nuggets. His mum & dad also tell me he very much likes pats. So if your name isn’t Pat it’s best you move along. I guess I’ll be going now….


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