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Movie Review: Dog Starring Channing Tatum

As a Border Collie, I must confess that I have a rather discerning taste when it comes to entertainment. After all, my breed is known for our intelligence and keen observation skills…... and for rounding up small children and patio furniture.  So, when my human decided to watch the movie 'Dog' starring Channing Tatum, I was naturally intrigued. I mean, it’s not every day your species gets their own movie!  Anyhow, here's my detailed review from a canine perspective.

Firstly, let me address something I think is very important.  The dog showcased in the film is a Belgian Malinois named Lulu and let me tell you, this breed is not for the faint of heart!  Just imagine a Border Collie turned up to 11 with the ability to rip your throat out at a moment’s notice.  Now I know often films can make some of us look amazing and you’re instantly overcome with the feeling of ‘OMG, I want one!’ but owning a Belgian Malinois takes a certain type of person with an incredible amount of time and effort to devote to their beloved dog.  So unless you’re that type of person, probably just get a Golden Retriever, they’re the best!  Anyway, on to my movie review - Dog starring Channing Tatum.

Belgian Malinois in the hen house with Channing Tatum

The movie "Dog" is a 2022 American comedy-drama film directed by and starring Channing Tatum, in his directorial debut. Here's a brief overview of the plot:

The story revolves around Army Ranger Briggs (played by Channing Tatum), who reluctantly agrees to accompany Lulu, a Belgian Malinois ex-military dog, on a road trip to attend the funeral of her former handler and Briggs' late best friend. Lulu is suffering from PTSD following her handler's death, and Briggs is struggling with his own issues after leaving the military.

As they embark on their journey, Briggs and Lulu encounter various obstacles and challenges, including encounters with quirky characters and unexpected detours. Along the way, they form a bond and learn to overcome their respective traumas, finding healing and redemption in each other's company.

As a fellow member of the canine community, I must say that the film-makers did an excellent job capturing the essence of our furry companions.  Although their relationship starts off very rocky as both are dealing with their own forms of trauma, the heart-warming bond gradually forming between Channing Tatum's character and Lulu as their journey unfolds felt authentic and relatable. As I watched the interactions on screen, I found myself wagging my tail in approval.

Beautiful pet photography location

Channing Tatum's performance was surprisingly heartfelt and sincere. His portrayal of a military veteran struggling with PTSD and finding solace in the company of Lulu struck a chord with me. I could sense the genuine respect growing as they embark on their road trip, which resonated deeply with my own experiences with my human. Additionally, the supporting cast delivered solid performances, adding depth and emotion to the storyline.

Speaking of the storyline, while 'Dog' may not offer the most groundbreaking plot, its simplicity is part of its charm. The film follows a familiar formula of a man and his dog embarking on a journey of self-discovery, but it's executed with enough sincerity and heart to keep viewers engaged. The themes of loyalty, companionship, and redemption are universal, making it easy for both humans and dogs alike to connect with the characters and their journey.

One aspect of the film that I particularly appreciated was its portrayal of the bond between humans and dogs as mutually beneficial. As a Border Collie, I understand first-hand the joy and fulfilment that comes from being a loyal companion to my human. 'Dog' beautifully illustrates this symbiotic relationship, highlighting how dogs have the remarkable ability to heal and uplift the spirits of their human counterparts.

Channing Tatum carrying Belgian Malinois to owners funeral

In conclusion, 'Dog' is a heartfelt and touching film that celebrates the timeless bond between humans and dogs. While it may not offer groundbreaking storytelling, its sincerity and genuine emotion make it a worthwhile watch for both humans and their furry friends. As an expert in the field of all things ‘dog’, I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to anyone who shares a special connection with their canine companions.

‘Dog’ is available to stream right now on Netflix.


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