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Hello and welcome to another exciting installment of the BBC’s ’Search for Sasquatch’. I’m your host Sir David Attenborough, and on tonight’s episode, we investigate Australia’s very own Sasquatch, known to locals as the ‘Yowie’. Come with us as we uncover the location of this furry faced mystical creature and discover it has been hiding in plain sight all this time!

Our journey begins in Brisbane Australia where our team receives an anonymous tip from a guy named Jason who lives at number 35 that this Yowie was recently spotted in the area going for what is being described as ‘walkies’. Through this tip off we are then lead to a nearby home where we meet a lovely couple who has been harboring our furry fugitive and showering the creature with endless supplies of cuddles and treats. The BBC does not usually condone such behavior with wild animals, but I mean….. like… it’s pretty damn cute.

Following our amazing discovery, the country's best scientific minds are granted full access to the creature in order to perform a series of super duper important smart people tests and after much discussion and deliberation, the test results reveal that we have in fact, discovered a dog. A super cute ball of fun kinetic energy named Willow to be exact. Sure ok, we made a mistake but I mean, look at that hair!! Can you blame us ?!?

Well anyway, thank you for joining us on tonight’s episode of the BBC’s ’Searching for Keeshond’, I’m Sir David Attenborough and someone is about to get fired….


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