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Ok, story time! Sammy here was designed by the great doggy gods in the sky to be the ultimate treat finding canine machine. The problem is that they built Sammy SOOO well that all the other doggos were going home hungry everyday because they didn’t stand a chance against the great and powerful Sammy!

So, the great doggy gods in the sky realised that this just would not do!! “What have we done??” they exclaimed, “We’ve endangered our species!! We must fix this at once!!”.

So after much deliberation and heated discussion, interrupted only to bork at the postman, they decided the only solution was to give Sammy a handicap, she would have just one eye. Now the rest of doggy kind had a fighting chance! The species is saved!!!

Now I’m pretty sure this is all true and accurate information. With that said, I did have mushroom soup last night that had passed its use by date which could be causing hallucinations. At least that’s what my toaster tells me, and he’s never lied to me before.

Currently Copeland is looking for employment so if any Bon Jovi or Whitesnake tribute bands is looking for a new singer, give him a call.


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