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It’s yo main gurl Hazel coming at ya and dis here be my bro fo sho’ Ralph.

Now we been hearing a bit of chitter chatter from you guys lately regarding our particular brand of doggo. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about us, the bratwurst based canine kind. Yeah, we hear you guys giggling about our long bodies and stumpy legs, you think we can’t hear you with ears this size??? Oh and you just love to talk about how cute and adorable we are, don’t you?!? Well dats its humans, we’ve had enough!!! We’re here to set the record straight once and for all!!! . My bro DJ Wreck It Ralph and myself, MC HZ Doggolicious have decided to become gangsta rappers. We will no longer respond to the names of Ralph and Hazel, so from this point forward you will call us by our rap group name, RUN EMT. We called it that because if we run for more than 3 minutes we have to call an ambulance. N.W.A may have been the worlds most dangerous group but RUN EMT will be the worlds most elongated group. Now consider this your final warning, if you be callin’ us Ralph or Hazel, be prepared for us to bust a Scooby Snack in yo butt.


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