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This is the first pet photo I ever took of the first dog I ever owned as an adult. This is my girl ‘Motley' (yes crue, yes it was a phase). It’s not a great photo, not even a decent one, and I wouldn’t take another pet photo for quite a few years but I’m so very glad to have it.

Not because it’s a beautiful piece of art, but because it’s a precious keepsake of her memory that isn’t some blurry low quality cell phone image. In fact, I’m looking at it hanging framed on my bedroom wall right now.

Motley could be a cranky little thing, and she wasn’t too fond of other dogs, or cats, or humans, or anything really, but she loved me and I loved her. She was with me when I moved out of home, when I went to uni, when I got my first job and lost it, then I got and lost my second job, then my third, and she was with me the following week as well.

If anyone has made it this far, the point I’m trying to make is to never stop taking photos of your pets. The same applies to your family and friends. Because one day they aren’t there anymore and the photos you have will mean more than you can imagine.


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