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Everyone knows a human being that fits the title of a ‘grumpy old man’. I mean, phrases like that exist for a reason right? And sure, the passing of years brings along with it many things to become grumpy about right? Well, except for those mobility scooters with the handlebars like a Harley, those are rad.

Dogs however are a different story. Sure, there are exceptions to this, some dogs may not be lucky enough to have lived a happy life. But usually, a dog who is loved is a happy dog, from fresh faced pupper to grey haired elder.

I know with absolute certainty that George was a sweet happy loving gentleman and it’s all because he was dearly loved and adored by his family. They say that dogs can’t actually smile, but come at me scientists because that right there is a happy doggy smile. Thank you for hanging out with me George, it was so very good to meet you.


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